Susan Rae Baker joins Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, & Dr. Denis Waitley

in a new book, Stepping Stones to Success!

Goals & Proven Strategies from the Industry’s Leading Experts

SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE— Susan Rae Baker, keynote speaker and author, has been selected from a nationwide search to be featured in Stepping Stones to Success; a highly successful book series from Tennessee based Insight Publishing. The book features best-selling authors Deepak Chopra (The Power of Purpose), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), & Dr. Denis Waitley (featured in The Secret). Susan Rae Baker, Chopra, Canfield, and Waitley, are joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews

Susan Rae Baker is a Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Award Winning Author and Nationally known Expert for and She is a regular guest appearing on local NBC, ABC and Comcast stations along with nationally known Radio Talk Shows. She is the Author of The Last Box, A Women’s Guide to Surviving Corporate America, winner of the Silver Honoree Award from the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards , for Women’s Issues, and Finalist in the Foreword Magazine Book of The Year Award. Susan is also the Managing Editor for Phenomenal Magazine.

For more information on Susan Rae Baker and to order your copy of Stepping Stones to Success:

Contact Susan by emailing or call 443-944-2717

While I was on the golf course the other day, I became a little saddened by the way some golfers have a way of showing little respect for the course they play on, to the time, energy and money the course and the groundskeeper put into maintenance so that the men and women can enjoy their beloved sport. For those of you who are not golfers, I would like to explain what a DIVOT is.

A DIVOT is a depression made on the fairway or on the green by a golf ball as it hits the ground, or a deep groove made by the club head and a poorly placed swing. This typically happens after the golfer tees off or from a shot off the fairway. The depression, if left unfixed can really mess up not only the beauty of the green or fairway, but it makes it more difficult for other players to have a shot at playing a good round of golf.

The reason why I am telling you about this is because I was able to see how the divots on the golf course are in direct relationship to our lives. When the divots on the course are not repaired the course looks ugly and it’s harder to play a good round. Your golf ball cannot travel smoothly over the grass and into the cup without being sent off its intended pathway to the cup.  We, as individuals have divots in our lives that are caused by emotional stress in relationships, physical and emotional stress from work, financial problems, addictions, self esteem issues, anger management, anxiety, poor health, smoking …..and the list goes on. Each one of these creates a divot in our lives, an ugly spot that makes it hard to play through each day.  Unless we take the time to respect ourselves and the people in our lives that we love and seek help in recognizing the Divots and have them repaired, we will continue to have something less than an abundant life full of Joy and Hope.  My friends, our days will never roll along smoothly if we leave the course un-attended.

There are several key ways to repair our divots.

Seek professional help through an accredited, licensed psychologist with excellent references if you are hurting emotionally, addictions, marital problems, etc.

Seek the help from a Professional Life or Business Coach if you are struggling with your identity, self esteem, career choice, lack of motivation….and more.

But, most importantly, seek help from our Lord Jesus Christ, he will never let you down and has the best advice over all. Once you do this, you can learn how to keep your life from getting ugly and staying Divot free.

Have you been on the recieving end of being fired, downsized or perhaps your company is “right sizing” another fancy term used as an excuse to let you go?
Well then you are one of many thousands of people faced with the seemingly never ending task of job searches, online search engines and data bases that all require you to register, then upload your resume, followed by repeating everything in your resume again on a lengthy questionairre, produce a cover letter if you wish and then after all the diversity questions have been answered you get to hit apply, send or whatever button they give you to send what you just did into a bottomless pit of resumes just like yours. I call it the dark abyss. And then, you wait and wait and wait while continuing to repeat this process with every job opportunity that seems like a possible fit for you…..right? Okay, if you are one of the lucky ones, you might start getting responses via email that say something like, we appreciate your interest in blah blah blah, however…………we had other candidates who were a better fit. What a slap in the face. Or you start getting emails for franchise opportunities, Avon, Aflac and other insurance agencies. Not that any of these companies are bad, they are great comapnies, but if you are trying to keep food on the table and have very little money in reserves, that a straight comission job or starting your own business is just not the right way to go.
After you go through this journey you begin to wonder if you will ever get a call or a chance at an interview. I have great news for the worn out weary job hunter…there is a sure fire way of getting a great job without feeling like a hamster on a treadmill!
1. Establish a LinkedIn account and create your professional profile.
2. Join Groups related to what you do or are looking to do. They all have job boards.
3. On LinkedIn, you can find a company that you saw had an opening on that online job search and find someone who is high up on the chain of command and send them an in-mail of your interest and permission to send your resume to them via email.
4. Meeting with people face to face is the best way for them to see how you present yourself professionally and make very sure you are in a nice, clean suit that say’s I’m a professional. You have had your haircut, ladies don’t show up with an inch of gray roots showing, touch them up!. Make sure your fingernails are well groomed too, as your hands are in front of them during the interview. Go easy on the perfume/cologne and oh,don’t forget plenty of deodorant/anti perspirant. Teeth looking yellow from coffee, tea or smoking? Get some whitener and start cleaning up your smile.
5. Go out and Network. Meet people, contact your friends, tell them that you are looking and would they mind passing along your resume. A referral from within is always best.
6. Make sure your resume is done professionally. There are many tools online or services that can make a boring resume read like a best selling book. Remember you are in a sales position when you are looking for a job and marketing yourself well is the key to success.

Got guestions? send them my way, I’ll be glad to assist!

Can you relate to the Huggies Commercial about Job Loss?

When was the last time you were asked to show up at H.R. or have an untimely meeting with your boss to find out that you are FIRED. Were you able to smile and walk away with a light heart, pack your belongings in that ever elusive cardboard box and venture out into the world a happy little boy or girl? How familiar it is to have one thing go wrong and then the entire day seem to go wrong too, the lost keys, your car won’t start, someone keyed it or dinged it while you were being assaulted at work.

Yes, this is what is know as par for the course or a domino effect, trickle down………….. call it anything you like, but it’s really not funny at the time. So, how can we arm ourselves against the evil forces and disappointment of the work force? The first line of defense is to find a blessing in the loss. Were you overstressed, asked to work 80 hours and get paid for 40. Perhaps there were internal Silos and Turf Wars that made going to work every day a miserable undertaking. Consider yourself…Set Free. Some time on the unemployment line will give you a chance to recuperate from having been shot down and give you the time to explore your true passions which will enable you to look for a better job. You know the saying…”when one door closes a better one opens”.

My favorite is “If God brings you to it, he will see you through it”.
The next hurdle is how to find and apply for that next best job so stay tuned for tomorrows Blog on finding the next “BEST” job………… won’t want to miss it!

Don’t forget to keep that childlike attitude that all is well and a better day is just a day away.

A Great way to prepare your self for the dangers lurking behind the doors in the workplace is to read my Award Winning Book….The Last Box,  A Women’s Guide to Surviving Corporate America which can be purchased through the Book Store on A great gift for the people in your life that you care about and want to succeed.

Stepping Stones to Success is now available in the Book Store.  Another MUST read.!

Stepping Stones To Success  is my latest book project co-authored by  myself, Susan Rae (Baker), Deepak Chopra, Denis Waitely and Jack Canfield and is now available for purchase in the Book Store at !

If you are looking for advice from the best on how to reach your goals in life or work, this is a must buy book!!

Know of someone who is struggling in the workplace , career or as an entreprenur?  Stepping Stones to Success makes a great gift!

Other books on Survivng Corporate America by Susan Rae Baker are The Last Box, A Women’s Guide to Surviving Corporate America and can be purchased through the Book Store or on .

Want to know more about Stepping Stones or The Last Box?  Got questions about troubles in your workplace?

Send me your questions, your coach is here to help!

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